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Interactive Care Agency

The mission of interactive care agency is to meet the needs of the consumers to improve and promote their quality of care and independence, and to create a supportive environment.


ImageThe purpose of Interactive Care Agency is to meet the needs of seniors and to improve and promote their quality of care and independence. We are a family based agency where we just do not interact with our clients but also include others that are essential to promote optimal results. We plan, and are flexible to work with friends and families and around our client’s schedules. Our agency provides well experienced and professional staff in areas such as daily living activities, cognition, and psychosocial support.


  • 24-Hours Care
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
  • Assist with community outings
  • Assist with ambulation to prevent falls
  • Assist with feeding to prevent aspiration
  • Assist with doctor’s appointment and errands
  • Assist with meal preparation and eating to improve nutrition
  • Assist with grooming, oral hygiene, bathing/showering, dressing and toilet hygiene to improve activities of daily living.
  • Home Safety Assessmentment
  • Assist with medication management to help stabilize the condition
  • Laundry/Folding, Vacuuming
  • Live-in Services provided
  • Personalized Exercise/ Activity Program
  • Pet Care
  • Provide companionship to prevent depression
  • Respite Care
  • Shopping
  • Short or Long Term Care Service


The goals of our agency is to provide assistance or help in areas of activities of daily living (ADL’s) and to minimize or avoid a greater loss to family members or friends due to injuries. Turning and lifting without the proper technique will cause injuries over a period of time. Furthermore, reducing stress from loved ones by taking a week or two off could be a tremendous help.

Some of the areas that our agency could be a tremendous help or assistance will be the ADL’s which are grooming, bathing/showering, toilet hygiene, dressing, feeding, eating etc.

Another goal is that we focus on client safety and fall prevention. Having someone with them can greatly reduce falls, and with other safety issues we can reduce the amount of hospital visits due to falls or even broken bones that may cause further complications.

Background of Interactive Care Agency

Presidents Message:

As a founder and owner of Interactive Care Agency, I bring to the agency my thirteen years of experience working in the Medical field. I have worked in all areas in the hospital setting, including rehabilitation and mental health. In all my years working with clients, I have always enjoyed taking care of the difficult and not so difficult ones. It has always brought me great satisfaction in taking care of someone that needs tender loving care, and to take away that loneliness through companionship. My staff equally possesses the attributes and dreams that I have envisioned in taking care of clients that are in need. My agency believes with the cooperation of client’s family members and friends we can meet each and everyone’s needs, goals and desires. READ MORE »