Fall Prevention Resources

Preventing Falls

The causes of falls are known as risk factors. Although no single risk factor causes all falls, the greater the number of risk factors to which an individual is exposed, the greater the probability of a fall and the more likely the results of the fall will threaten the person’s independence.

Many of these risk factors are preventable. As obvious as it may sound, a lack of knowledge about risk factors and how to prevent them contributes to many falls. Some people believe that falls are a normal part of aging, and as such are not preventable. Lack of knowledge leads to lack of preventive action, resulting in falls.

Discussed below are five key risk factors of falls among older adults. Preventive measures for each factor are briefly listed. No attempt is made to provide a comprehensive description of preventive measures. Refer to the references listed at the end of this fact sheet for more detailed information. To learn more about how Interactive Care Agency can assist you or your loved ones with fall preventions, please Contact Us.

Home Helper Services

  • 24-Hours Care
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
  • Assist with community outings
  • Assist with ambulation to prevent falls
  • Assist with feeding to prevent aspiration
  • Assist with doctor’s appointment and errands
  • Assist with meal preparation and eating to improve nutrition
  • Assist with grooming, oral hygiene, bathing/showering, dressing and toilet hygiene to improve activities of daily living.
  • Home Safety Assessmentment
  • Assist with medication management to help stabilize the condition
  • Laundry/Folding, Vacuuming
  • Live-in Services provided
  • Personalized Exercise/ Activity Program
  • Pet Care
  • Provide companionship to prevent depression
  • Respite Care
  • Shopping
  • Short or Long Term Care Service