• Q: How are caregivers selected?

    A: All our Caregivers are qualified CNA’s and Licensed Vocational Nurses and have driver licenses. All of our Caregivers have a minimum of six months of experience. The ones that do not have their CNA certification have at least six months of caregiving experience with a driver license

  • Q: How do you train your caregivers?

    A: Our Caregivers will be given at least two days of orientation and on the job training in addition to verification of documents and completion of paperwork.

  • Q: What happens if my Caregiver gets sick?

    A: Interactive Care Agency has instructed all of our Caregivers to call us at least 4 hours in advance if calling in sick so that we can find someone to cover the shift. Employees that call off more than three days requires a doctor’s notice.

  • Q: Do you provide senior services to those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities

    A: Interactive care agency provides 24 hours of private care at the client/patient homes.

  • Q: What makes Interactive Care Agency different from other companies?

    A: Interactive care agency differs from other agencies or long-term care facilities because we take a holistic approach with the involvement of families and friends. Our agency is family oriented. We go beyond to meet the needs of our clients/patients. We also focus on the patient’s Activities of Daily Living, cognition, and psychosocial abilities. Our staff members are experienced and can provide exceptional care at the convenience and comfort of the client/patient home.

  • Q: Who pays Caregivers, you or me?

    A: Interactive care agency is reimbursed either by private pay or through insurance.

  • Q: Why should I use Interactive Care Agency rather than someone out of the newspaper?

    A: Interactive care agency is one of the premier agencies that focus on independence, quality care, home management services, ADL’s, cognition, and psychosocial abilities to promote optimal results.

  • Q: What are your rates and minimum hours of services?

    A: Interactive care agency rates vary per each patient/client physical abilities and diseases. However, we are flexible and accommodate each patient/client needs.

  • Q: Is Interactive Care Agency a maid service?

    A: Interactive Care Agency is not a maid service however we are once again flexible in providing our services and can meet each and everyone’s needs depending on their situation. In addition, our clients do not have to be sick for us to provide service.